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Do you do custom builds?

95% of all homes builds are designed around a clients specific needs and wants.

What is the average cost?

Depends on the finishes, selections, personal needs, and length. They can be 40k and up, the average home sold is 60k.

Can you Have a washer and dryer?


Can you have a dishwasher?


What types of toilets can you install?

RV toilets, composting toilets, or regular household toilets.

What kind of chassis are they built on?

DOT certified chassis made by a certified builder. All LED lights, heavy duty Dexter axles with brakes.

How wide can they be built and still towed?

102″ (8.5 ft) however a 10 ft one can be built if you are not going to move it a lot.

Do they have holding tanks for water and waste?

Most of them do not but tanks can be added to the build.

What type of AC?

All homes have central HVAC with heat. Low voltage type.

What is the average electric bill?

Depending on build $20-$50.

How heavy are they?

6k – 15k lbs. The average home usually weighs 8k – 10k lbs.

How long or short can they be?

Smallest 20ft, largest 40ft. Extreme lengths take you out of average home price.

How well are they insulated?

To the same specifications as any site built homes.

Do I get to select my own finishes?


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