Products and Features

At Kelly’s Tiny Homes, we specialize in custom built tiny homes ranging from $30,000 standard models, to the $75,000 fully loaded models. All homes are fully customizable and can be changed to suit any need. The homes are anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet.

We also offer shell packages for the “do it yourself” consumer starting at as little as $15,000. These packages can have as much or as little done as requested.

All tiny homes are built on factory trailers with dual 7500 pound braking axles for easy towing and mobility to take your tiny home wherever your travels take you. These trailers can either be bumper tow or 5th wheel.

We offer nationwide delivery and setup within five to ten weeks, depending upon the extent of the customizations.

Our standard builds include many features, such as:
-Full size stove
-Full size fridge
-Washer/dryer combo
-A/C system (not a window unit)
-Cultured marble showers (not fiberglass)
-Household toilet and plumbing
-Factory built trailers for ease of towing
-Energy efficient low’e windows
-Spray foam insulation
-Metal roofing

Although these many features are included in the standard builds, everything can be customized to suit your need and budget.

We welcome any and all questions. There are always free estimates and consultations. Please feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about how we can help you build the tiny home of your dreams.

2 thoughts on “Products and Features

  1. I live in Arizona, and I am wondering if you ship houses, if so what is the price? As well as is there a gallery of your products, or an option to design my own house online (as in browse options, prices, and pick and choose to customize my own house)
    Thank you! I am looking into saving for a downpayment on a tiny home, and exploring my options right now.

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